Self-Managed Application

The self-managed on-site installations are priced one-off; a recommended recurring support fee of 15% is applicable from the second year.

The table below summarizes the license cost for the self-managed scenario.

Class (No. of employees) Cost Support Cost (15%) Extra 10 employees within Band
C – 50 N350,000 N52,500 N55,000
C – 100 N550,000 N82,500 N42,500
C – 200 N850,000 N127,500 N35,000
C – 500 N1,750,000 N262,500 N25,000
C – 1000 N2,500,000 N375,000 N16,000
C – 5000 N8,000,000 N1,200,000 N15,000

What does within band mean?

Within band answers the question, “So what if I have more than 100 employees but fewer than 200?” In this scenario, a company finds itself within the C-100 and the C-200 band. Instead of buying a higher C-200 band the company may choose to pay in steps of additional 10 employees.

The rates for the additional 10-employee license have been discounted at the next C-band, which gives value for money.

What do I get for support?

Support covers bug fixes in the application and a choice of upgrading to the latest offering of Oxus. Traditional phone/email support for different classes of support or personnel on site support are also available depending on the SLA. Click here to download our SLA

In summary, you get the following for support:
1. Bug fixes at no additional cost
2. All features of new releases, for as long as support is up to date.
3. Technical SLA based support, both remote and on-site
4. Backup co-location
5. Relocation, Rebuilding and migration support


Hosted Oxus HRIS & Payroll

The hosted Oxus HRIS & Payroll is significantly cheaper than the self-managed option mainly because support is mostly remote. Custom support SLA can be discussed.

In the hosted application, the annual recurring cost is mandatory because infrastructure is rented remotely. A client has the option of getting full HR data back if they decide to stop service or convert to self-managed. Conversion to self-managed can be done at any time during the year and then fees applicable to self-hosted applies, plus a minute setup cost.

Class (No. of employees) Year 1 Cost Annual Recurring Cost
C – 50 N250,000 N112,500
C – 100 N270,000 N141,000
C – 200 N410,000 N180,000
C – 500 N750,000 N360,000
C – 1000 N970,000 N590,000
C – 5000 N2,100,000 N1,050,000