Mature Payroll

Oxus Payroll meets the needs of organisations in services and manufacturing. It targets workforces that leverage on time and attendance and service organisations with multiple payroll options, reporting and analytical needs

Payroll In a Jiffy
  • Payment template for classes of employees, pay items configurations and multiple payment type supports
  • Supports top bank schedules for bulk salary payments
  • Supports employee claims through selfservice or HR admin interventions, claimsper-site support
  • Supports the PAYE income tax and organisational variables. Supports statutory contributions e.g. Pension, NHIS
  • Provides standing order support for use cases including coop deductions, union dues
  • Provides support for overtime, spot bonuses & deductions, salary advances
  • 401K support for payroll strategy and wage garnishment support
  • Remarkable payroll reporting spreadsheets, variance reports, payment schedules