Timesheet Module

Oxus timesheet management provides tooling for monitoring and analysing recorded work hours on projects. It provides seamless integration into Oxus Payroll for calculating employee payroll. The reports provided can be used for invoicing clients and it helps project teams work with budgeted hours. The timesheet provides facilities to record and track how much time each employee spends working on client projects. It document hours worked and provides reporting information to supervisors. This information helps with scheduling, assigning tasks, determining hiring needs and critical components into project management.

  • Client management
  • Project configuration and management
  • Modular project budgeting support with activity milestones
  • Project level and client level reporting
  • Direct integration of approved timesheet into payroll

Reports and Metrics
  1. Self-service timesheet recording from the web application and mobile application
  2. Bulk timesheet uploading via spreadsheets