To protect your information, we take a number of measures and apply industry standard methodologies and practices that includes multiple layers of security protections to secure your data

To prevent data leaks and access by unauthorised users, we do the following:

  • Data encryption at rest and in motion. Database data is encrypted at rest with LUKS and in transit with SSL with all data access connection on strict SSL verify protocols.
  • Object storage encryptions for images and documentations with 256-bit AES-XTS full-disk encryption
  • Use tier-one data center providers to host our products
  • Provision web application firewalls to prevent backdoor accesses to systems services
  • Input validation and zero trust approach to user inputs
  • Fine grained application-level role-based access control RBAC deployed throughout the application
  • Periodical third-party penetration testing, vulnerability scans and patching
  • Continuous monitoring from internal and external aggression.

Our application build and deployment follows a set of internal practices that include quality testing for every patch with the goal of preventing data breaches among others. We keep a bug database and treat all your feedback with true professionalism. If you have found any bug or security vulnerability in any of our products, kindly contact immediately.